Another Q&A

After a little break we are back asking more questions, today we have another coach from somwehere in the UK happy to give his own thoughts and expressions in the world of football. Lets get started!

So our keen and enthusiastic audience would love to know a little bit about you?

I’m Danny, 30 years old coach from Oldham. I have coached and managed 2 disability sides for 16+ open aged teams (Stalybridge Celtic FC and Oldham Way FC).  Both were mixed ability with men and women for both setups. I was at Stalybridge for 1 year in a temporary role and had been with Oldham for 5 years. I also at the beginning of my coaching career started at 3D Dynamo’s as an assistant to a Under 9’s team for 6 months, before taking over as head coach of the Under 7’s side and did this role for 3 years until the end of the Under 9’s season.  I also spent 2 years with AFC Oldham, setting up an academy for the club recruiting players as young as 2 right up to the ages of 16. I also recruited coaches, and set up a link with a local school. I also spent a 12 months assisting with the Under 18’s side within the club. 

So lets go back to the beggining, what inspired you to become a coach?

As a kid I played for primary school team, and if wasn’t playing outside or for the team I was always playing football somewhere. Playing all the football manager games, so I quickly realised I had a big passion for football.  As I grew up I realised I wasn’t going to get scouted, so instead of wasting what I had learnt playing, I decided to coach. Got my level 1 and started assisting with 3D Dynamo’s. I also love seeing people achieve, and I have always enjoyed helping others.  So everything made sense to go into coaching and see where it takes me.

Specific philosophy or attitude towards development?

I personally like players who are exciting, creative, and in general terms, that are ‘different’.  I generally more observe sessions, letting the players think for themselves. Players need to be exposed to tricky situations where they need to make decisions.  I also think its important towards players, that they are going to make mistakes. We have to remember whether your professional earning 350k a week, or you’re a child at a grassroots team, emotions, feelings and confidence are all an important part of the person before player mode.

Who would you consider some of the best teams or players you have worked with?

At 3D Dynamo’s we had a really good 3-man partnership.  3 lads called Mason, Tom and Matthew. Mason had an immense left football, but wasn’t shy of using his right foot neither, the unpredictability made him an exciting watch.  Tom, who had experienced a case of ADHD, but that didn’t stop him in anyway. I was an assistant then to the manager Gary, who had really supported Tom, and helped channel the ADHD into something really positive.  Being able to work with Tom for the 6 months I did as an assistant, I learnt a lot, and have to say I am extremely proud of Tom, finally Matthew who had an excellent right foot, but like Mason, wasnt afraid to cut in with his left. In term of the group of players I worked with classed as having a disability I worked with a young man by the name of Chris, who at the age of 18 has some anger concerns in the past, he has an extremely powerful shot and is quick, most importantly his leadership skills have come on leaps and bounds. Needless to say he is soon to become captain of Oldham disability side very soon.

Who would you consider your coaching role models or inspirations?

In terms of man management, Sir Alex Ferguson is of course top of the list, his father figure approach whilst also exercising authority makes him best in the business.  Like I said before, I think personally it is always the personality before footballer. I also have rated the jobs both Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, especially Tuchel at Borussia Dortmund, have been brilliant. Klopp more so now with Liverpool, working with the likes of Gomez and Alexander Arnold, the 3 man partnership of Firmino, Salah and Mane and signing Robertson for what is considered these days as a bargain price tag. I love the 3-5-2 system Sheffield United had in place in their promotion season this season. Frank Lampard, signing a lot of youth on loan, but the way they have blended in, you can clearly see that Frank has done an exceptional job given the circumstances, only just in a new positon, the transition has given him a great start to his coaching career.

What is the current enviroment you are working in?

At the moment I am attached with Oldham Way disability team mentoring a new coach. I am also currently doing a fitness coaching course, which could lead to doing strength and conditioning work and working with a few players doing 1on1 fitness sessions, and very small group sessions.  I am also looking at different futsal groups and networking with other coaches in Wales and Scotland for new opportunities.

Do you have any future ambitions at all?

As I spent a lot of my time watching Italian football as a child growing up, I would love to coach in Italy.  I would like to spend time in either Scotland or Wales. Love both countries. I would also like to spend time in Japan, with the possibility of setting up a small mental health project. Who knows what the future holds?

A big thank you to Danny for coming along and having a chat with us today, hopefully todays conversations provide a little more diversity into your own coaching thought process.

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