Leith Athletic FC

The origins of the Leith Athletic FC can be traced back all the way to 1887, where the club consisted in a variety of forms until 1955 where they met their unfortunate demise. Fast forward to 1996 and the name Leith Athletic was revived with more of a focus around boys football, with player development in mind the system has gradually expanded to eventually consist of a full range of age groups including a talented senior team.
The overall aim is to provide a safe and comfortable space for youngsters of all ages to play a sport that they love. Now the club has become a whole lot more, making a contribution to the local community is always high on the agenda.
In contrast to the clubs original story, the modern version is a magnificent success, in 2005 Paul lee played for Scotland amateurs in a match against Leinster, the same year Danny Swanson, now Dundee United, Douglas Thom and Shaun Woodburn all were capped for Scotland u19s.
Developing the club further Edinburgh Athletic were absorbed in 2008, subsequently gaining a place in the East of Scotland Football League. 2009 brought the clubs first piece of silverware defeating Eyemouth United in the Alex Jack cup.
After their position in the league 2011 saw promotion to the what was then 1st division, the club have now become an established member of the newly formed 15 member league.
Twenty years old the clubs success has met another milestone, proof that player development can support a long term success story, along with a dash of good will from the local community.