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  • Thoughts

    At this moment in time, I felt it was important to write about sexism in football. Firstly, as women’s football has been a subject of interest personally for many years. I have been a coach in that part of the football universe on and off for a few years now and the experience provides a […]

  • Work

    I work as a volunteer journalist, producing some nice content for a variety of places. At the moment I am working as football co editor of kettlemag and freelance multimedia member at youth football scotland. I am always looking for new opportunities to expand on what I do.  Please see below for an indepth look […]

  • Academy staff ideas…

    Minimum 3 coaches per age group, this allow training sessions to flow and for it to be a more enjoyable experience for each one of the players. You can never grow short of coaches. The better quality the training sessions the more chance you have of player retention. I don’t know what access you have, […]

  • Academy thought’s

    The following is some information I picked up through experience, was a little passage that i wrote to a club where he was at a loss as to what to do with so many players. A recent development that I witnessed was a restructuring of an academy. Presents several challenges, including accommodating a massive range […]

  • An idea channel

    The following is just a collection of ideas, I hope these golden nuggets of wonderful information prove productive. “Picked up from the world of Futsal. Ball goes out of play the team in possession has to bring the ball back into play within 4 second or they have to hand over possession. Encourages quick thinking […]

  • The blog of all blogs

    have been a coach for a number of years now and throughout those years I have had a number of experiences which contributed to my development at doing what I do. Instead of these thoughts and experiences rattling around in my brain a couple of years ago I made the decision to write them down, […]

  • Resource Drive

    Now I appreciate its not exactly a minority but I thought that I would add a source of material similar to alot of pages utilising google drive. If you have some excess information you want to add to the fold please get in touch and I can add.

  • Concussion

    Just a small post, adding some resources as part of the blog and one of the biggest concerns in football across the board is the lack of structure and procedure in relation to concussion. A physio that was at my previous club considered this source to be one of the most useful in terms of […]

  • The Interview

    Things have been a bit quiet around here so I am excited to report I have went out and recruited some coaches to write about what they love doing, a fundamental part of coaching is having a passionate interest in what they do so my hope is everyone that kindly takes their time to read […]

  • FBA Voting

    Good afternoon, I have decided to put the blog forward for some voting, I went to the event awards a couple of years ago, the place called Hotel Football no less which was an amazing experience. Through the feedback I have received there is an indication that some of the stuff I write here […]