Match Report

The Glasgow wind was providing its typical spring bite as Blochairn hosted their final game against the soon to be folded Whitefield who will go through a restructuring including the scrapping of the name which has been in existence for the past 6 years, rising from bottom of the strathclyde saturday morning leagues to become a formidable rival to long term
Historically each fixture has been considered a high stakes affair and this one was no different. The match began with each team showing the expected determination that has given each club so much silverware in the past.
The opening phase proved an unfortunate one for the home side, ball landed at right back, who launched a long and hopeful ball towards the visitors number 11, picked up and he surged towards the box and hit a low hard shot which deflected in off one of the central defensive pairing, 1–0 to Whitefield.
The Blochairn players took the event personally, their 3 forwards players clearly displaying their attacking intent and pacey striker Garry Carmicheal proved to be a constant threat for the Whitefield defence, although the referee came to the rescue on a number of occasions ruling him offside, the home dugout making their feelings heard about the referees decisions.
A frustrating afternoon for blochairn, poor finishing and a on form opposition goalkeeper proved to be a stumbling block for the players in green. Long range effort parried by the block goalkeeper
Craig fellows was one of the players who took interest in increasing his teams lead, a long range effort scuffed wide. Not to be discouraged he found space in beetween the lines and had another go, struck 20 yards out made i 2–0 to whitefield.
As the hosts began to tire Whitefield broke quickly and channeled the ball down the left hand side, the winger moved forward with intent and crossed low, collected by Craig Fellows who who left footed it beyond the reach of John “stark” Starky for his second of the game and to make it 3–0.
Blochairn pushed to to clawback their disadvantage but it was to no avail and the game finished 3 goals to the good for visitors.