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  • Eve Online Part 1

    I wanted to present some ideas/thoughts on Eve and perhaps they may prove to be useful? Hopefully when writing I sound logical and constructive, as it’s well documented that there have often been rants fuelled by anger and self entitlement. So Alliance tournament has proven to be a huge success, or I hope it has […]

  • Social Media

    Short post for today, I have decided to start maintaning this site again. Got some new hosting in place and an improved interface to manage. Couple of things to take note of, to begin with me have a facebook which I hate, but damn its handy. The second one is my own twitter, where i […]

  • Riches

    This was written a VERY long time ago, when I was in my early stages of learning to write so you may notice some aspect of it are a little more dramatic than they should be. Some time ago the the Blackburn chairman at the time, before they were acquired by that random poultry company and indeed […]

  • Player Development

    This was originally written for a previous volountary role related to youth football in scotland. The young guns making a difference. This season Swansea have been spending time in the lower regions of the premier league, there is no denying that but there are plenty of positives to take from the welsh side, non more […]

  • Q&A With Gary

    After a long absence I welcome Morton Women’s head coach Gary Forbes, so we dive straight in! Welcome Gary, obviously we know each other from our time at City and I always find it fascinating to learn of all coaches background and how it came about that they developed into a coach, so what would […]

  • Another Q&A

    After a little break we are back asking more questions, today we have another coach from somwehere in the UK happy to give his own thoughts and expressions in the world of football. Lets get started! So our keen and enthusiastic audience would love to know a little bit about you? I’m Danny, 30 years […]

  • Mental Health Support

    I am so excited to say that the Scottish Association for Mental Health have granted me permission to express my encouragement for their cause through my blog, a small “signpost” will be added to the header as a simple note of support. The charity is the biggest and most effective force that helps people who […]

  • Q&A with Alfie Tate

    So tell us a little more about Alfie Tate? My current roles include being at Peterborough United as an Academy Coach within their Foundation Phase while also working with two local grassroots clubs at both U13 and U18. I’m also doing school clubs within Cambridgeshire a few days a week. They all have their different […]

  • A shopping list

    Alot of people who read this column, and I hope there is a few, make an important and valued contribution to clubs, players development and progress. It is also important to keep in mind that there is always the question of money and keeping clubs and age groups operational consistently. I have made an offer […]

  • Thoughts

    At this moment in time, I felt it was important to write about sexism in football. Firstly, as women’s football has been a subject of interest personally for many years. I have been a coach in that part of the football universe on and off for a few years now and the experience provides a […]