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  • Walter

      A wonderfully insightful interview, showing important aspects of coaching and the value of experience.

  • Perhaps the greatest of them all?

    As you can tell I am a great fan of Messi, they shouldn’t really even think of making comparisons as he is not only unbelievable in terms of his ability, his attitude and conduct is on par. See below for another demonstration of his skill.

  • Messi Magnificent

    Utterly ludicrous free kick accompanied by the great and romantic Ray Hudson.

  • The former playlist

    A little while ago I made an effort to put together a few videos consisting of some drills and ideas that could potentially be useful, cant say it worked out how I would have liked but it would have been a waste to simply delete them so I edited them all together into one big […]

  • The Master of Football

    Quick share this afternoon, the guy in video claims its for use during the summer to keep you sharp. Ignore that.

  • Quality Control

    This is an important moment for football. First of all I want to make a point, I don’t have an ego in terms of what I do. I do what I do because I love it, if the footballers that listen learn something from what I do then that’s even better, just means I’m doing […]

  • A football orchestra

    A fantastic idea to improve first touch.

  • Value of Rondo

    Bask in the beauty of rondo.

  • Warm up

      Small clip showing 5v5 plus floater for a warm up session, ideal choice to add to your program.

  • Messi the Greatest