The Gaming Industry

A small post this evening,

Twitter can be a powerful tool, it has fueled the development of the wonderful blog that I write to you from today – I recommend getting yourself online before things go south and it becomes the next Bebo…

Anyway, on to things a little more serious. I discovered a recent and quite beautifully designed blog by @EllexMay who expressed herself through said blog and links it up through the aforementioned twitter handle . A big percentage of this is based on gaming and what she invests her time in enjoying. Which in itself is an important subject of course.

The most important part is that she expresses herself in terms of health with some advice on how to manage and deal with this. The challenge of sharing this information with the net can be difficult and its something to be admired. So we wanted to ensure support was there if needed.

Please head over to and have a look over some of the blogs that have taken place.

This fine work will of course be added to the ever expanding links section.

Enjoy 🙂