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  • Concussion

    Just a small post, adding some resources as part of the blog and one of the biggest concerns in football across the board is the lack of structure and procedure in relation to concussion. A physio that was at my previous club considered this source to be one of the most useful in terms of […]

  • An image tells some stories

    Hello Folks. A nice addition to the blog is some imagery, my dear and lovely friend Kelly, who is a freelance photographer, has kindly agreed to offer up some of her magnificent work for you to enjoy. At the moment she will supply us with stadium visits, perhaps expanding on this at some point. Please […]

  • World Football Academy

    Another site link on the cards today, at the moment I appear to be suffering from a case of insomnia so as a result I will be spending some time writing some lovely words promoting the work of the great Raymond Verheijen and the concept of periodisation. The site that he leads offers lessons on […]

  • Reviews all round

    Hey A small note today, looking for 20 reviewers of our wonderful blog – these 20 folk will receive a shiny free copy of the recently generated PDF written full of stuff related to coaching. Follow this link to get the free thing.

  • The Football Romantics

    Recently discovered a web site that is just wonderful, designed for the football romantic it consists of so many different items that are out of the ordinary, basedin scotlands capital I recommend a visit if you enjoy the non mainstream footballing text pay a visit to

  • Feedback on the Beta

    Recently we gave out a whole 10 versions of a partially written PDF based on the wonderful subject of coaching – looking for your thoughts on what could be done to make it even more wonderful. Click on the following for some input.

  • The Gaming Industry

    A small post this evening, Twitter can be a powerful tool, it has fueled the development of the wonderful blog that I write to you from today – I recommend getting yourself online before things go south and it becomes the next Bebo… Anyway, on to things a little more serious. I discovered a recent […]

  • Barony of Blackhall

    A small invitation today, old friends of the blog Barony of Blackhall are hosting their own event on the 5th August, the purpose being there are opening their freshly built facility to be shared with a local Rugby team, see below. Barony of Blackhall A.F.C would like to invite you along to the opening of […]

  • Football Blogging Awards

    I was really pleased to hear that the blog was accepted into the football blogging awards network, this consists of a network of blogs and fan sites writing about a variety of different things from football manager to barcelona. The Coaching Column is filed under non league and grassroots.

  • Spanish Magic

    Good evening. Some promotional writing in mind, a great and dear Spanish friend has developed a website where coaching is the centralised theme, presenting something fresh and different to coaching. The wix related product offers up a resource of drills and some text as inspiration and motivation to any coach that wishes to add a […]