The Performance Director

Malky McKay
Malky McKay recently has been appointed performance director for the SFA, so the question must be asked where does this selection come from and what exactly does McKay bring to the table in terms of fresh and innovative ideas?
First of all we ask the question of what exactly does the job entail, Brian McClair grew frustrated by the supposed lobbying experience he had to endure throughout his 17 months in said role, so in Stewart Regan’s words the role required a “different style of leadership”
McKay’s journey to date is sprinkled with examples of infrastructure related efforts, most importantly Cardiff city where he spent a significant chunk of time developing further dimensions to the club to create a stronger outcome for the club. Which produced results.
So perhaps the SFA were looking for more administrative orientated individual?
Whilst unemployed MacKay has spent time in conversation with contacts widening and improving his football knowledge base on and off the pitch, the result is a written manual, the theme being McKays ideas on building a clubs infrastructure which he had leatherbound. Obviously not all of the ideas will be directly applicable to the performance director role, but it is an example of his ability to devise and implement frameworks. So can this link up with the expectations of the SFA?
Its also clear that he is apt as establishing contacts, he has the support of managers of both halfs of the Old Firm and Aberdeen, he also has strong contacts with a series of high profile and well respected people in football including the great sir Alex Ferguson, if indeed the time comes words of encouragement and inspiration are needed.
The anti racism groups have given their blessing, which is a plus but the controversy around the text exchange will continue to hang over him. The SFA clearly believe that he can make a difference, as employing McKay is something that wasn’t an obvious choice and certainly a risk.
More questions will be asked over the footballing aspect of things, it is well known that it’s a challenge in itself to sell new ideas to the associtation, can mckays diplomatic persona produce the results that Scottish football demands?
Only time will tell

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