International Responsibility

Recent international events made me think, the thumping of San Marino sparked an interesting with regards to the 8-0 score line, to experience such a devastating defeat cant be good for the soul.

To date there takings in the world cup qualifying rounds tells a grim tale, played 6 lost 6, not securing a single goal whilst conceding a blood chilling 29. Having never actually won a competitive match in their existence, FIFA consider them worthy of keeping the 203rd spot in the world rankings warm. So such a collection of facts and figures suggest their standard of football isn’t the greatest, without factoring in the microstates modest population of over thirty thousand.

The disgraceful writing skills of the chief sports writer for the BBC suggesting “the merits of such an embarrassingly one-sided World Cup meeting will be debated again.” So what is the point of San Marino. These people asking this question suggest that they simply waste everyone else’s time in the football calendar and cancelling such events would most likely allow additional “nando’s” time. To begin with playing for your country is something alot of players are fiercely proud of, having that opportunity taken away from you isn’t going to go down well.

Second of all would it not be considered more a matter of responsibility, do you really want to play for a national team which is almost guaranteed total destruction?

Take a look at the England team, success goes to the extent of making it to an international tournament, then that giant shiny self destruct button is pressed once more. Scotland is next in the spotlight, it’s common knowledge that never in our existence have we made it past the group stages of an international tournament. We must have a look at ourselves before we question the merits of other national football teams. Success and progress appears to be relative more than anything else.






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