Interviewing Myself.

Well hello, got an incredibly special interview this evening, more special than any other interview or conversation you will ever get to have in the history of eve. I think I speak for everyone in saying we are all obscenely excited to hear who this special conversation involves.

So who the heck are you then?

My character name is Dexomus Viliana but people mostly call me Dex or sometimes ScottishDex if they have seen my twitch stream (which is usually not)

Well that’s nice, so I suppose I might as well ask the boring questions first. So what do you do in Eve Online? The game we all hate to love…

I often consider myself a little bit different from your regular eve player, I was never blessed with any form of patience which makes me allergic to the prospect of grinding your way to achieving something. Doesn’t just apply to Eve. I play many other games and I suffer from the same condition, subsequently when I played any sort of game I would rapidly lose interest that does not provide that solid supply of pure excitement. If you observe my steam library it mostly consists of games that are mainly jump scares or experiences that offer up so much adrenaline you need a lie down after an hour’s game time.

You didn’t actually answer my question, what do you do in game?

At the moment I recently rejoined Bombers Bar as an FC so regained some momentum doing that, which has been a bit of fun and something different considering the years grind of war we all had to put up with. I wrote a bit about that, did you know? (shameless plug goes here) I spend a great deal of time providing input for some black ops activities and also am part of a corp in NC.

Many moons ago I used to be a full time krab, I remember the very night that I was converted to a PVP pilot, this was during the phase of time where goons were the primary place to go for content as they were casually unleashing their umbrella on a regular basis, one evening flying with Bombers Bar I saw more titan’s that night than I had done in my entire experience in Eve Online, from that point onwards I was sold. Other stuff I get up to is usually doing some T5 abyssals which generate quite a nice amount of isk over a medium period of time, also contributing to corp fleets and so on. Actually sitting here writing this I’ve no idea what else I do? 

The only other thing I do is moan at people about how I miss black out via my stream or mumble wherever they may be.

So what’s the most special kill you have ever experienced?

There was one night we were floating around delve, someone on comms pointed out she had spotted a rorqual drifting off tether, I was guilty of thinking it being too good to be true. 

How wrong was I.

Another special occasion was the blackout. Through a phase of time a friend of mine in the game, who I believe has now stopped playing, reported that they had found the infamous locust fleet, more importantly the excavator drones doing the mining, there being no local we showed up with a fleet of around 20 bombers. Several bombing runs later there’s a loss of around 64 excavator drones and a mind shattering adrenaline rush.

Alot of changes were made recently, what are your thoughts?

Well obviously there were these protests recently, which were a minor inconvenience for most people who go to Jita from time to time. Originally I laughed at the protests because essentially it was going to have the reverse effect, providing the developers more publicity for a game the players are complaining about. I spoke with a goon on my stream though and supposedly the aim was to get Eve Online published on gaming news networks that perhaps CCP don’t want their name anywhere near. So in that sense Goonswarm and Co did achieve what they set out to do (although I suspect a big percentage of the group that showed up just wanted to see pretty fireworks) I’ve noticed a common theme of recent conversations is that a lot of people playing the game are relating to past styles of play that have had their day. 

Obviously being allergic to mining I don’t know the finer details, however it does seem to me that the developers are aiming for people to actively make more of an effort to get an outcome to the mining activity. From an outsider’s perspective that sounds much more promising than staring at a laser for what feels like an eternity?

What was it like swapping to doing this kind of content with Horde compared to BB during the war?

Well considering the golden era of mass rorquals has long been eliminated, the content in bombers bar has changed as a result. The well as mentioned the well known armada has limited outcomes as the blocs’s haven’t got much of a reason to allow any capitals to be active. It’s much more interesting as you still have to actively make decisions based on what you have available to you, compared to the Horde stuff where it was blindly nose diving into the HAC vs HAC meta. I was a member of Capital Fusion for a while which invested a lot of time in some extra activity that did demand that your brain be engaged, which was temporary relief at least.

Who would you consider the best alliance?

Some of the alliances I have observed purely from a blue donut perspective, I have also been a member of horde and now of course NC. Hands down Horde would win that prize, the key aspect is the welcoming nature of the initial stages of joining. The packages provided to new players and their sole purpose is to get them blown up. The decentralised manner in which the whole alliance is structured allows the whole thing to be essentially self-sustaining. It was fascinating to observe how each entity survived as time went bye.

Is it true that Scotsmen wear no underwear when wearing kilts?

Indeed the tradition is, if you are showing up to someones wedding/reception or something like that a kilt is often a keen choice including the tartan from your historical family name (which is usually incorrect) minus any underwear. 

Can you remember much about Eve London?

Surprisingly alot actually, there were a few positives. I met many friends from Capital Fusion and more people who I purely knew from Mumble alone. I also got to experience the heart breaking prices of london in comparison to Glasgow, which I can assure you is not good for the blood pressure.

Well im sure there’s someone out there that found this interesting? If you are out there please let me know and I can coordinate a therapy session for you.

Cheers 🙂






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