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  • New Developments

    Now that I have retired from coaching, there have been some new developments. I will continue to write about football as much as I can, as much as I have lost my love for it I still think I have alot to share about my experiences and thoughts towards certain things in football and my […]

  • 7 challenges to running a non-league football club

      England is regarded by many, inclduing the sport’s international governing body FIFA, as the home of football. But working out such grand titles isn’t just about the game’s history. Neither is it about the country hosting the world’s richest domestic football league in the Premier League and football behemoths such as Manchester United, Arsenal, […]

  • Changing the face of Football

      It is without doubt that grassroots coaching is slowly and surely challenging the status quo of “the elite”. Every weekend mums and dads go out in force to devote their time to the development of young footballers across the country. It is this commitment that is most admirable about the grassroots coach. It is […]

  • Movement and Spatial Awareness

    This routine is from Lee Moroney of St Anne’s GAA Club, Dublin and Head Coach of CoachApproach Ireland Age Group – 6-13yrs Ideal number – 20-30 children Layout – Hula hoops, cones, whistle, 2 set of coloured bibs, four soft sponge balls, a tennis ball net or something simlair (ropes and chair) Action – Part […]

  • Modernisation + Realism = Preseason

    The basic definition of Pre Season is to prepare the squad for the season ahead, in terms of fitness and tactics. We can complicate these things by adding silly factors of periodization, testing and all the rest of it. This approach is complicated and tiresome. Keep it simple, basic and fun. Everybody remembers the tiresome […]

  • Old School Coaches 3L’s

    (I’ll apologise now if I lose my temper during this piece) Just in case nobody has heard of the 3L’s, they are: Lines Laps Lectures I’m sure we don’t need examples of these. We’ve all been witness to, or on the end of, a 30 minute lecture, and it has done nothing but bring our […]