Category: Ideas

  • Resource Drive

    Now I appreciate its not exactly a minority but I thought that I would add a source of material similar to alot of pages utilising google drive. If you have some excess information you want to add to the fold please get in touch and I can add.

  • Stretching

    Another addition to the blog is a source of information for stretching, providing in depth choices addressing potential injury risks and action taken to prevent injuries through appropriate stretching. Please see here.

  • Concussion

    Just a small post, adding some resources as part of the blog and one of the biggest concerns in football across the board is the lack of structure and procedure in relation to concussion. A physio that was at my previous club considered this source to be one of the most useful in terms of […]

  • Freestyling

    Just an idea, a few years ago I came across a couple of players that almost had an obsession with the F2 freestylers, couple of guys that have made some success out of some demos of some nice technical ability. The idea was that I was working with a younger group and to inspire I […]

  • Professionalism is Key

    An interesting thought occurred recently, throughout my time as being a coach I often spent time thinking about certain aspects of conduct and so on, one that confused me the most is arguing with the referee. Not something I spend anytime doing as personally I feel that in this case you would lose the respect […]

  • Coerver Event

    Yesterday i attended an event called the coerver road show, basically a presentation and some practical expressions to demonstrate the essence behind the Coerver Coaching is a three hour event discussing and detailing everything about coaching, I had a blast. Seriously though, the presentation is very technical. Alot goes into the idea behind it and […]