This would be one that is used pretty often, I have created a nice illustration to show what I am talking about. The layout is approx 30 by 30 (the white cones)

2 teams of 4 within the box (red and yellow) the simple rule is that team in possession of the ball can use the players on the outside making it 8v4.

Waving to Football

Another routine that worked out quite nicely for me, highly flexible also.

Staring off set yourself a shuttle running layout – please comment if you are unaware of what this is. Second layout is a pool of footballs

Split your group into 2 teams one with bibs, start with having one team attack vs defence. In order to keep the intensity of the routine up ensure the pool of footballs is accessed immediately once the active ball leaves the pitch. When you run out of footballs get the 2 teams to go and start the shuttle running, afterwards switch the attacking team to defending and vice versa – once completed do another set of shuttle runs.

The ideal outcome to this is to develop an intensity to the playing, along with improving a level of fitness.

One Versus One

Back to actually writing about football!

Layout – Split your group roughly half and half. One group at the right post, the other group at the left (white cones) have your yellow cones roughly 70 steps directly in front of each group, have a football where the red cone is.

Action – Have a player from each group start simultaneously, sprint out to yellow cone then attempt to gain possession of the ball, objective is to score.

Result – Speed, agility and possession.

Progressions – Have ladders between post and yellow cone.

Change to 2v2.

Fresh Material

Done some reorganizing and rewriting to keep the standard of text up, obviously the main focus of the blog is to offer up some dedicated ideas to coached looking to source in some new material, so I have also added a page dedicated to such a cause so head here to tap into said category.


Over time I have learned that there are 2 elements to coaching, delivery and the tools available. Your job is to create the tools and deliver them effectively. For a long time I had a major problem with the delivery aspect, in order to solve that problem I put together this formula.

Three steps for each drills. First being what do you need for that drill in terms of kit and people.

Second – Explain the action in the drill.

Third – Point of the routine, what do we learn from that exercise.


Short description for you.


Based on 10 players we will have 2 rondo boxes 7×7


Split the players into 5 and 5 – create a 4 v 1 in each rondo box – time the routine to 1 minute each and leave balls around the parameter of the boxes to ensure the players have free access to footballs. This assists in terms of the intensity.


Moving the ball quickly, player movement to find space.

Shape Training

Really simple idea, set your group out in the desired shape.

We will take the old school 442 as an example, ball begins at right back and pass is made to DC then across to the other DC and so on. When passing the player must take the position of where he is passing to, so right back passes to centre half, he take centre half so on each occasion you follow your pass.

The idea is to encourage an understanding of the structure and shape of the team, and idea of where everyone will be. Really simple but surprisingly effective.

The Perfect Pass

Divide your training group into 4 teams and have them stationed and lined up at each of the markers facing the yellow marker.



To start with player A makes a pass to B, player B needs to meet the ball at the yellow marker and holds, then A passes to the Q waiting at the red marker then joins the end of that Q and B moved to the end of the Q at the blue. Then the process starts again from the red Q.

When the two groups get a hang of it get the remaining two teams to play horizontally from orange to pink. Ensure the both are played simultaneously to get the best outcome.

Keep in mind the yellow marker is purely for the image.

Coaching Points.

Open body shape, first touch, footwork, awareness.