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  • The Bosman Ruling

    So the talk of today is Gareth Bale, 100 million euro man has been discussed and examined endlessly to the level where people are cursing the very existence of sky sports news. Today I have made the healthy decision to avoid hurling myself aboard that particular bandwagon.What Iā€™m going to have a look at is […]

  • A Carnival Atmosphere

    The world evolves in wonderful ways, new innovations take us by surprise with outrageous regularity and today we look at the concept of iBaller. A young Lucy Sinclair was with a group of pals playing football at the local park during a stereotypical wet, cold and miserable day in Glasgow. It was clear to her […]

  • Coaching – Suggestions

    1. To get equipment ready and put away after session – I have significant experience working in this environment, training sessions setup and warm up setup was ready and prepared before the team would show up for training on each training night. 2. To ensure session starts and finish on time ā€“ during my time […]

  • Academy Snippets

    Thought I might write about the ideas because I’m shit at using presentations. Biggest and most important issue is your overflow of players, keeping in mind this is never a bad thing. My idea would be keep your senior and core players together as a senior performance team, the second group would be the additional […]

  • Coaching – Standards.

    An interesting thought occured recently, throughout my time as being a coach I often spent time thinking about certain aspects of conduct and so on, one that confused me the most is arguing with the referee. Not something I spend anytime doing as personally I feel that in this case you would lose the respect […]

  • Scottish Footballers. A snippet.

    Every coach in scotland wants to make a difference, to develop and improve our academy efforts into something more in depth and elaborate than your typical and straightforward colin hendry. Scottish football has suffered an historic and problematic trait, physical application has been the highest priority, whilst technical ability taken the backseat, typical example can […]

  • International Responsibility

    Recent international events made me think, the thumping of San Marino sparked an interesting with regards to the 8-0 score line, to experience such a devastating defeat cant be good for the soul. To date there takings in the world cup qualifying rounds tells a grim tale, played 6 lost 6, not securing a single […]

  • Coaching – A Guide

    I work as a coach in the world of scottish football and developed a great deal of experience which I would like to share with you. The idea behind this is simply to express how I got the stage I am and see if someone else could benefit from some of the information, perhaps if […]

  • Anti Ganking Text

    Greetings. I hope you are well mate. First of all, the following text is purely constructive but it potentially will be critical in itself. My aim is to minimise and potentially prevent this ganking behaviour entirely. Analysis So gathering information from the offenders feed, it would appear he has disconnected his kill board from the […]

  • End of year video

    Thought I would pick up my end of year video and add it to my youtube channel. Non of this is made by me by the way šŸ™‚