Originally the blog was born through boredom, coaching was something I fell in love with a long time ago and at the time the resources available today weren’t so on tap at the time of this romance. So my idea was to fill in that space with the other thing that I like doing which is of course writing.  So in its simplest form I just wrote some stuff that were ideas and information that I had learned and studied over time, gradually it grew and expanded to the point where some of the text reached all around the world.

So I made the decision to give it a more professional space and the name thecoachingcolumn.net was born.

As mentioned I also enjoy writing and I’m always looking to improve and get better, most importantly I am always looking to make contributions wherever possible. The standard of writing has improved dramatically and over time and much energy spent the web site has developed to the point where it has over 200 posts, I’m hoping one or two might potentially be useful. I’m proud to say that it has become so much more than a column offering opinions and drills related to football training, its now rich in ideas and text about the beautiful game.

To see the place grow to the point where recently it passed 98,000 visitors has blown my mind, I am as ever grateful for your time in having a look around and I hope the said visit has made you wiser and more knowledgeable. Thank you so much.