This may not be a blog based on coaching, I purely make it because I am a coach. There are roughly 11,000 registered in scotland so better get started figuring out who I am.

Before we begin let’s remind ourselves that there are a great deal of good people in scottish football, I am friends with many of them and they are never to be ignored or forgotten about.

In my opinion there are three types of individuals that are part of amatuer football.

First type is the most famous, they manage to conform to the stereotype they have been given, one who is purely concerned with the commercial/public image of the game, concerned with financial stability. For example I was part of a board meeting which was chaired by a president, then there was a vice president, then was a financial secretary and so on. If memory serves me correct there was at least twelve individuals there, from start to finish of the 50 minute conversation I counted one question about football.

Where is the potential for development of footballing ideas?

Second individual is the older generation, comes from the age of Tommy Docherty. The generation of people that have the “get your late tackles in early” attitude. Their experience warrants respect, there is no doubt about that. What it doesn’t warrant is their sense of entitlement, because they played doesn’t mean to say that their are immediately right in terms of conversation. I spoke with a colleague and she voiced her agreement about a conversation she had, where the above idea was mentioned and she was met with a “you’re wrong” response.

Third type is the most frustrating.

A friend, who is a highly experienced writer and novelist, decided to be charitable with his talents and have a look at some text from various web sites related to amatuer football, he identified a page where the text could be using some improvement in terms of fluency and spelling. Rewritten under an anonymous name he submitted the updated page which was immediately rejected, as apparently it was of no use.

I appreciate that these are small examples, I have plenty more to share. What i want is some examples from you.

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