Eve Online Part 1

I wanted to present some ideas/thoughts on Eve and perhaps they may prove to be useful?

Hopefully when writing I sound logical and constructive, as it’s well documented that there have often been rants fuelled by anger and self entitlement.


Alliance tournament has proven to be a huge success, or I hope it has been from the developers perspective. From what I have seen a major factor in the AT is the idea of innovation. Each group/team has to invent and create new ideas and plans to defeat each utilising tools available to them like in game sim, the endlessly useful PYFA and most importantly collaboration. My thoughts would be to encourage this to be utilised in game also, at the moment you have the current meta of HAC’s which have been around too long which I hope you have noticed. There is an opportunity to add the prospect of using the prospective meta’s within each patch cycle to encourage bigger groups to constantly create new ideas, this would avoid game play going stale and retain the interest of bitter vets’ (like myself) and allow new players to enjoy the learning curve already available. Another aspect it will create a new avenue for manufacturers as it would prevent markets being cornered and production will have to keep on moving in different directions constantly.

Another focus is around the idea of blackout. 

At the time it drew significant controversy, through observation there was very much a contrast in attitudes. PVP players resubscribed to the game as essentially this event provided an opportunity to experience a whole new type of game play, an environment where players would be forced to rely on each other to defend themselves and forced into using in game tools to improve awareness of potential in game attackers to avoid losing their big expensive ships. The reason I have brought blackout up once again as there was the introduction of mobile observatories, instead of utilising this tool to counter afk camping why not encourage this to be used to defend against lack of local comms. This suggestion links back to the point of collaboration/teamwork I made in my first paragraph.

I believe this (although I have a limited understanding of how a bot works) would prove to be useful in reducing bot activity as I believe they rely a great deal on local?

Keep in mind I am barely scratching the surface in terms of detail on what I want to provide, my main aim was to provide a basic platform of inspiration. Any further discussion you guys know how to get in touch.


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