A Carnival Atmosphere

The world evolves in wonderful ways, new innovations take us by surprise with outrageous regularity and today we look at the concept of iBaller.

A young Lucy Sinclair was with a group of pals playing football at the local park during a stereotypical wet, cold and miserable day in Glasgow. It was clear to her that there was no joy or laughter as they kicked the ball around, utterly lifeless.

So Lucy made it her mission to become that life force that was missing and so, with the help of her dad and ambassador Michael, iBaller was born. The idea was developed and eventually became part of the charity iTouches where there is a simple mission statement, to enrich the life’s of younger generations with fun and exciting features through sport. The beautiful game has been taken out its usual setting and applied to a range of games including sports, darts, pool, bowls, tenpin, bubble, flip and chip and even the top bins game from Soccer AM.

Recent visitors include Glasgow City Mum Nicola “the group of kids have a warm up of crab football then move onto small games, like top bins and another target practice game, football bowling, football pool, football darts, football bowls and then tennis football. Pizza was provided when they stopped for a break and then went on to play a game for half an hour”

After a visit it was clear that the there was more to it than simply a fun day out, the platform has more depth. The games played have been designed to challenge and perhaps develop ability, take footballing darts for example, in this case you have to opportunity to test your accuracy and technique in striking the ball with the prospect of scoring a bullseye or perhaps if you have enough in attendance two teams are pitted against each other, both groups are challenged through a variety of methods including using a tennis or rugby ball, examining your aptitude in prediction and anticipation.

Despite the acceleration in growth It has been well documented the difficulty that the women’s game has had to maintain a voice in the wider world of football, so in order to challenge that iBaller have recruited what’s called iBaller Buddys. This is designed to reinforce the representation of development and responsibility in girls football should the opportunity arise, lead Buddy is of course Lucy who has rose through the ranks at Glasgow City, also playing an important role at Rangers and Celtic, the hope is that any aspiring footballers will see Lucy as an example that their goals can be achieved.

Overall the unique facility offers something different and fun, creating an opportunity to enjoy a pressure free environment whilst still offering the chance to progress ability and potential.
A carnival atmosphere.

Massive thank you to Micheal and his iBaller Buddys for the opportunity to come along and see what the centre has to offer.

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