Scottish Footballers. A snippet.

Every coach in scotland wants to make a difference, to develop and improve our academy efforts into something more in depth and elaborate than your typical and straightforward colin hendry.

Scottish football has suffered an historic and problematic trait, physical application has been the highest priority, whilst technical ability taken the backseat, typical example can been seen in ricky sbragia now infamous quote about the likes of young jack harper being a “luxury player”

Another example was a Cup game of Rangers Vs Dundee United, it is well known that the tangerines are focused now on developing rather that buying, their shape was set out with a 4-2-3-1 in mind, the 3 were the ruthless and pacey young forwards hungry for goals and success, Rangers had something similar in mind but all of which were out on loan to a variety of higher league clubs.

The perfect example of lack of trust or faith in development or involvement of younger players.

More recently we have seen some movement in the world of youth development, Ryan Gauld, Andy Robertson and young Harper are a few that have managed to come through the ranks and achieve something more than the obscurities of keeping the bench warm.


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