Coaching – Suggestions

1. To get equipment ready and put away after session – I have significant experience working in this environment, training sessions setup and warm up setup was ready and prepared before the team would show up for training on each training night.

2. To ensure session starts and finish on time – during my time working in girls football I have learned the value of training time, I worked with the younger ages so at the time each minute the training could be used to learn something new so its important to ensure not one minute is wasted.

3 & 4 To organise warm up and games for participants – The key to my approach is inclusion, so from a football perspective a warm up is important for injury prevention and to ensure the preparation for any occasion has been fully taken advantage of. In terms of games at a young age the key is participation and with regards to football its important to have as much time on the ball as possible.

5. To help beginners with basic skills required to play the sport – Often in terms of recruitment when working in football with younger ages so its important to adapt training sessions to accommodate this, to make a positive working environment as beginners have a tenancy to be intimidated by more experienced players.

6. To communicate any problems or issues with Sport Development Manager – An important aspect was a welcoming environment, during my time as coach I have came across a lot of events where players have been experiencing problems at home which has an impact on what goes on during training, it was important to write this to the academy manager and keep this on record incase any potential future occasions when this issue occurs again or perhaps the issue progresses further.

7. To record numbers of participants at every session – Attendance was often something that was important to be recorded as this offered an insight in terms of dedication, so which players were perhaps late, don’t turn up or are intermittent in terms of attendance. This gave me the opportunity to evaluate my own sessions and see whether they could be improved further to make them more enjoyable.

8. To communicate any scores recorded as necessary to Sport Development Manager – I reported scores back on a weekly basis to the head of academy which as a result allowed the academy manager to monitor progress and achievement.

9. To feedback any comments about improvements for sessions to Sport Development Manager – We often had coaches meetings where we had the opportunity to collaborate and project further ideas as to how the academy could progress further.

10. To post 3 x per month on social media regarding session – I currently own my own web site which has a social media feed to supplement that which has over 2k followers, I am also co editor of a student magazine which again has a social media link to supplement that where expectation is to attend to this at least twice a week.


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