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Thought I might write about the ideas because I’m shit at using presentations.

Biggest and most important issue is your overflow of players, keeping in mind this is never a bad thing. My idea would be keep your senior and core players together as a senior performance team, the second group would be the additional players that are talented enough to play but have been unproven.

The two groups can be given several names, senior reserves? performance and development?

Team A and Team B is my best choice as the name makes less of a psychological impact than the rest.

The third team can become a bit of an experiment for you, If you are still enjoying an influx of players this can be used as a platform for football, an experience perhaps for younger players to experience of being part of a team, to experience pitch side environment and the right attitudes to show. You could use this team as a sort of exhibition group, send them to be part of tournaments, training abroad. then you could use it as a platform to recruit further players.

There is also the idea of what is deemed a drop in, someone to enjoy some basic coaching without the intimidation of talented footballers, people can drop in from the streets for a small training sessions at very little cost.


In terms of a management, get more coaches

Minimum 3 per group, this allow training sessions to flow and for it to be a more enjoyable experience for each one of the players. You can never grow short of coaches. The better quality the training sessions the more chance you have of player retention.

I don’t know what access you have, but have a chat with your local educational school. A common thing that happens here is on a short term basis a lot of physiotherapists are sourced from universities in scotland, it allows the students to enjoy some real life experiences using their knowledge and gives the club some professional protection against potential injuries.

Use the same idea for other aspects of management e.g sports analysts, personal trainers, coaches, medical related subjects, other sports.


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