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I hope you are well mate.

First of all, the following text is purely constructive but it potentially will be critical in itself. My aim is to minimise and potentially prevent this ganking behaviour entirely.


So gathering information from the offenders feed, it would appear he has disconnected his kill board from the ESI, I would imagine to prevent fitting and location information in order to avoid targets making an attempt to avoid these guys. It would also seem this guy is a specialist in all things ganking, most valuable kills are all gila’s with a full squad of tornadoes in on the bargain. The wider corp appears to have a boner for the same sort of activity so that’s all we are interested in.


So you confirmed you watched the video I made, as I mentioned the measures I have taken means that I haven’t had a ganking attempt on me as of yet. I am not entirely sure as to whether it’s purely because I am much less of a prominent member of the streamfleet community (at the time of ganking your audience count was approx 70 people) hence this guy achieving schadenfreude he is aiming for. Or the measures have worked. We can only wonder. The point I am making is that these measures can only ever slow down the guy that’s looking to blow you up, the ganker can capitalise on a locator agent for example and find you within a matter of 10 minutes (especially this dude) well practiced individuals can achieve this goal even if the streamer is doing his best to avoid being eliminated.

The oppositions perspective

As i mentioned before hand I have been the ganker along with being the target, an example of an occasion was we discovered a streamer who took absolutely no measures to prevent being targeted, even on one occasion literally inviting us to come and get him, with him being a member of goons he considered himself invincible due to their capital fleet – so we went along to prove a point and his supercarrier is now no more.

Another example is I have been part of a ganking fleet where the hunters are looking for bots/those people who are either not taking care in their activity or simply not caring (autopiloting through a well known ganking area) One of the first checks that are done is the value of the kill.

In null we camped a gate where we killed a minokawa surprisingly with a team of loki’s – upon receiving the KM we discovered that the ship was unfitted, with the member being a CEO of the corp he is in. See below

I appreciate this may sound like bragging, but bare with me.

Solution 1

The first potential solution is one we have already discussed. You would have 2 options in this case. I have spoked to my friend who is the owner of a wormhole which I am also a member of (for PI purposes) and she has permitted me to potentially deploy an astrahus for utilisation. This wormhole has a HS static exit, im unaware as to how familiar you are with WH mechanics so a HS static means that every second day one of the WH exits are guaranteed to be a HS exit, and I have bookmarked a location on the other side of the system as to where you can deploy this astrahus.


Obviously this would eliminate the option of this guy to use a locator agent entirely as it is not possible.

On the condition you are in the wormhole at the time of going LIVE then it would take a while for this guy to achieve access and get the relevant ships in.

In order to achieve access, he needs to do a great deal of scanning to locate the wormhole, alternatively he can pay wingspan to locate it. So the effort – cost equation is diluted further.


Taking on a wormhole in order to enjoy some abyssals secures you a whole new set of issues. First issue is random roaming pilots, wingspan are your primary issue. On a daily basis they are tasked with simply roaming wormholes with an objective to created an in depth knowledge of wormholes within the game. As a result there is always going to be a potential wingspan pilot waiting on you when you exit your abyssal.

Solution 2

Upon evaluating your loss mail – I have noticed there is a significant investment in the gila, subsequently you are essentially incentivising this guy to come after you as the cost – effort ratio is improved through your 1 billion pod alongside the numerous potential dead space modules that will drop for him. Your most recent event was a loss coming in at 3.2 billion on zkill which is of course a significant positive for this guys kill board, alongside some personal satisfaction is expect.

Upon closer inspection I believe there is some potential modifications that can be made to your fit to make it much less worth this guys effort. From my limited knowledge of the event I believe he brought in 5 tornadoes to achieve his goal, each tornado fit usually comes in at roughly 120 million isk per tornado. Keeping that in mind lets have a look at your fit.

First option if your RLML

Your launcher comparisons come in at above, rate of fire improves long term DPS on each launcher, but this is the only advantage I found to having these faction launchers fitted to your gila, subsequently if one of these launchers drop the ganker has paid for 1 of these tornadoes already. Times the cost by 4 and you have 595,102,068.96 – which theoretically pays for each tornado. So my suggestion would sacrifice these 4 launchers for T2 in this case. This reduces the value of the loss mail and also reduces the likelihood of the offender at least breaking even in this case.

Heavy Launcher

As you can see from the above stats, the only real advantage you have with this launcher is the rate of fire. If you compare that with the value in this case, its another sacrifice you may want to consider as again, this will reduce the likelihood of the ganker achieving his goal of profiting and reducing the value of the KM.

3 modules we will ignore as part of your fit are the 2 batteries and the shield booster, in this case these are essential for the gila to perform in the abyss so that’s fine.

Next case is the drone damage amplifiers.

The imperial drone damage amplifiers come in at a grand total of 125,520,937 per module. Upon examination of your fit you have 3 fitted. As you may know, fitting of more that one of the same module achieves a stacking penalty so as a result you get diminished returns on modules. When examining the fit further i discovered that there is absolutely no value in the third drone damage amplifier being fitted. See below.

Note DPS is currently running at 544 without missiles loaded.

Changing the third module to the T2 version only costs the fit nearly 10 DPS – cost benefit ratio of paying 100 million isk for 10 dps.

Removing the faction module and replacing it with T2 will reduce your value more and still maintain the effectiveness of your fit. Alternative choices may be a damage control in order to achieve the following further improvements.

The AB you have fitted

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