A blogging thought

I found myself recently talking in twitter and actually potentially making sense, so the following text is simply thoughts. If you want to take anything on board that’s good, if you don’t well that’s okay aswell.

Personally I focus on getting my group to give a good account of themselves, from a coaching perspective a positive result is just a nice bye product. Unless you are in a position of employment it can be considered a thankless task, this may be the case but the key is to maintain perspective and not let anything go to your head. I always loved the fact that over time you watch your players grow and develop, maybe they will be promoted or perhaps progress to the next stage in football. Taking pride in the fact that you were a big factor in their development, pointing them in the right direction.

I remember listening to a podcast once where there was a conversation with a Valencia coach, the subject was long term development. Any concept the time scale to set to 60 sessions. Yeah, I always focused on the fact we are simply there to point them in the right direction. It helps you to remain grounded aswell.