QA with Dougie

Todays reason for bothering everyone is an interview, in this piece of chat we talk to Dougie, a learned coach from Dundee on an endless quest to better himself in the world of coaching and all things football related.

So here we go (sips pretend green tea)

Q – Good evening Dougie, how are you enjoying the information supplied on the mighty column?

A – It’s looking good mate, enjoying the content and made a bookmark on the phone + laptop.

Q – Tell us a little about yourself? Why do you involve yourself with football? What made it of interest to you?

A – My story is simple, I’m a passionate lover of football. My knee hurt too much to play any decent level, so coaching was my answer. Coached a few local youth teams, but politics annoy me quite bad within football. I’m looking for a new team to get involved with just now, and eventually making coaching football a full time business for myself. Holiday Camps, My own team, Fit Camps etc of my own creation and build.

Q – Do you personally think that the timeless mission of sharing the information with the world of coaching is worth the effort?

A – Anything that improves knowledge of coaches by even 0.5%, gives the players they work with more opportunity to develop and progress.

Q – Have you ever been to Iceland? (and don’t say anything to do with prawns)

A – No, although, just to namedrop a little bit, I was at college while Davie Hannah was doing his HND Sports Coaching award, and when he managed a team over there he took 2 or 3 local boys to play for the team. They all loved it. Bearing in mind it was the Icelandic Third Division and, looking at the pictures they came back with, they were playing matches indoor.

Q – How did you learn of the existence of the column?

A – It was a case of seeing it on Facebook within 1 of the groups, and jumping on. Now I’ve contributed some pieces of absolute magic. Whether other coaches will say the same about them is a different subject.

Well thats all we could think about today, clearly we have educating in all things planning ahead. Dougie is off to take care of things all family related and im off to clean up the nosebleed i caused for thinking too hard…

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