It used to be about pigs…

As you well know the layout of this routine, set your group out in a circle (red) decent distance beetween each other. 1 ball of course ask the group to start moving the ball beetween each other, gradually picking up the pace to where the players are sharpened up enough to be able to use two touches, one for control another for a pass.

Stage two you can introduce a player in the middle (blue), he/she can be used for pressing  however intense you want, ensure the players are under pressure to move the ball quickly.



If you have a big group of players you can add two maybe three players in the middle. Crank up the pressure!

Another option would be to introduce four players in the middle. Three of them (blue) to press their aim is to gain possession, once done so the fourth (yellow) is to press the three that have gained possession. Once the yellow has gained possession the routine restarts.

Note – Make sure you have a pool of balls to keep the routine as dynamic as possible.

Coaching point – Yellow player will be inactive during this drill until the blue team gain possesion, make sure he/she is paying attention.


Coaching points – The key behind this routine is developing the ability to move the ball quickly, as this skill is proved to be a game changing one. Ensure the players are making accurate passes whilst under pressure,

For the kids – make sure you dont give negative feedback instead ask where the player thinks he/she made a mistake.

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