Space Invaders

This routine is from Lee Moroney of St Anne’s GAA Club, Dublin and Head Coach of CoachApproach Ireland

Aim of the game to throw under arm or over arm to team mate on opposite side of hall they must catch it cleanly (no fumbles or drop) when a team mates catch it they score a point. With younger children 6/7 yr olds you may give 2 points for a catch with no bounce, and 1 point if it only bounces once.

Hall is spilit up by dividing it with cones

Each team starts with 2 space invaders on opposing team they are to try to block throws and to intercept passes… If they intercept a pass they can score by throwing to team mate on opposite side to score.

Players are permitted to pass to team mates on their own side a small progression might be you must make 2 or 3 passes before you can throw to team mate on other side.

When the concept is got you should spilt the teams evenly 5 space invaders in each court this will make the task of passing ball harder

Progress by adding in a 2nd ball to quicken up the play add a third ball or fourth ball depending on the ability of the group

1 Players are not permitted to wrest or grab ball from opponents
You will need pen and paper to record scores.

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