Movement and Spatial Awareness

This routine is from Lee Moroney of St Anne’s GAA Club, Dublin and Head Coach of CoachApproach Ireland

Age Group – 6-13yrs

Ideal number – 20-30 children

Layout –

Hula hoops, cones, whistle, 2 set of coloured bibs, four soft sponge balls, a tennis ball net or something simlair (ropes and chair)

Action – Part 1

4 Players have a hula hoop they must run around and only with their HAND tag other children when children are tagged they must join the hoop with one hand only. This will encourage team work, movement and spatial awareness as children try to  avoid the taggers and avoid bumping into other children who are running.

After all children are caught whoever has the most on their hula hoop is the winning team.

Pick another 4 children and play game again.
*If you have more than 20 children you should pick 5 taggers

Action – Part 2

4 teams different colour bibs 2 courts (hall spilit in two)

8 Hoops – Each team picks two child to stand in the hoop.

5 or 7 a side

Aim of the game is to pass by throwing the ball into your team who stands in the hoop after they receive the ball in the with a clean catch (no fumbling or dropping the ball) the player who scores (ie throw ball to team mate in the hoop replace)


Progression children are only permitted to hand pass the ball Gaelic Football style, an under hand striking action (hold ball in NON-WRITING hand and with writing hand strike the ball to team mates chest)

Rule Book

1 Players are permitted to run into any space WITHOUT the ball.

2Players are NOT permitted to run when they receive the ball

3. Players may not wrest/grab the ball from opponents hands

4 Players may intercept a pass to gain possession for their team and they may also block a throw.

5. Teams can not score in the same hoop twice in succession

6. Player who receives the ball in the hoop, begins the game again by setting up an attack to the other corresponding coloured hoop and are replaced by the player who just scored.

If a player breaks any of these rules the opposing team receives a free throw which cannot be intercepted.

Play two games per session blue v red, green v yellow and blue v yellow, red v green ( 7 mins per game)

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