Fans of loyalty

Today I’m again out of date but I remember something a while back that I would like to write about just for the humorous and frankly mind bending factor involved.
The bizzare incident happened during the 2008-9 when a supposedly loyal sunderland fan sued his beloved club after being smacked on a head and subsequently knocked out cold by a wayward shot, a certain nutter called Djibril Cisse from what I can remember (yeah that’s how out of date I’m being) was the executer of said shot, after attending a training session on a cold winters day.
On a personal note in my opinion this is ridiculous, this is on the same terms as a woman suing the cigarette factory for her husband dying of cancer, but on with the point.
This brings a question, what has happened to football?
I mean don’t get me wrong here, the much maligned joey barton made one of his many outspoken points commenting on how players are becoming increasingly disconnected from reality, and that frankly most of them are (insert profanity here) so yeah the players, or *playing staff* as they are referred to now, have contributed.
Gone are the days, and I’m risking sounding like an old man, when it was just about football, no one cared about anything else, no one cared that you were that inebriated that you couldn’t say your teams name, you just hoped your team would win, and if they didn’t you just would get more drunk.
If you look up youtube there are endless compilations of accidents happening on and off the pitch, most of which are quite funny.

An old saying is that what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch, a saying which coaches and players have forgot.
Is it going to get to the stage where players will be asked to be careful on every cruyff turn, every side step, every shot and every word to avoid any litigious/controversial activity.
Every place you go there is a unwritten rule that you enter at your own risk, such events are infecting the beautiful game is it true that the average British fan is using this as an excuse instead of a safety mechanism?

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