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Good evening folks, The point of today’s broadcast is just a bit of fun, to make public the efforts of the modern amateur team, and their ongoing mission to progress and develop into the ultimate football club. For todays interview we have gaffer wullie mclaren eastfield star with me to answer a few questions.

G So Wullie did you and your boys have a good Christmas and new year?

W Yes Christmas was great and the players enjoyed the break after 16 games in first half of season

G So how have you been getting on in the league then?

W We have been progressing we’ll thanks and sitting 3rd and unbeated in our division

G Favourite part of the season so far?

W This is a tricky 1 but I would say finishing top of the group stage to qualify for division 2a and scoring over 26 goals in 6 games Bit of an obvious answer but whats your aim for the season? Promotion is the key for us to be honest but the league there for the taking and if I get the commitment and hard work we can win it no doubt !

G Always made famous are how problematic funding can be for today’s clubs, any new and innovative ideas that you have in place to solve that problem?

W Yes I do basically charge players on a game day for the week commencing training so when your games finished. Your park/referee is paid and you have your funds for training that week. And if anyone fails to show the club isn’t losing. It’s a great way to keep funds and club alive

G How is your training set out? What is it you usually do?

W We maintain a high volume of fitness and passing drills and some set pieces but we always aim to try scenarios and look into our weak spots n take it from there

G You reckon you could use some of the stuff published on this fine detailed and generally wonderful blog?

W Certainly there is a lot of good standard information that can help clubs pick up the hidden basics that we forget about at times but a great aspect of the game to look at

G Who is the one most notorious for turning up hungover?

W Got to be Antz penderleith as he’s the only guy that turns up totally burst and looks like a bag a washing lol least make an effort n don’t get caught lol sorry Antz haha :-))

G Did you ever do a harlem shake? Did it with 1 of my friends and my left back Boab from the team great shake lol ma forward roll was class thanks for having me on your blog cheers

Cheers to wullie, he’s off to give the new episode of the Voice a watch, he couldn’t watch it before because of the blinding tears…

Personally i hope you have enjoyed this idea, lemme know if you fancy a crack at it yourself email me @ admin(at) – maybe you can send me some questions to ask instead of my very own wooden variety.


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