Was Holloway Treated Badly?

So Ian Holloway has left Crystal Palace by mutual consent which basically means they have asked him to leave and Holloway always tries to do the best for the club and what club want so he agrees to leave. If he has been asked to leave because of results fair enough because they haven’t played well at all and as much you can say it’s Crystal Palace what was they expecting they don’t go up in to that league thinking were just going to go down they try to stay up.


Holloway hasn’t got the tactical mind to manage in the premier league championship yes premiership no why? Because he is too open with his football he lets his team attack attack attack when that ain’t going to work teams are just going to pick them off like they have done all season. You can’t play that type of football if your a bottom team with not the best technical players at your disposal. If he had better players he would be able to keep them up with that tactic but they don’t have them. They only have two players who can play in the premiership and that is Jason Puncheon and Miles Jeidnak. Puncheon because of his pace he can take players on and he scores goals from time to time a good bottom half premier league player. Jeidnak he is class his understanding in that holding midfield role is amazing he will be in premier league what ever happens this season he is outstanding for them. He reads the game so well he knows where the ball is going to be played and he breaks up the attacks for them.


His signings have been pretty poor signings yes there a small club but he could have had Cattermole and Bardsley who are established premiership players. He spent most of his money on Dwight Gayle who is clearly not good enough at all for premiership, Championship yes premiership no. Holloway has signed to many players as well its a brand new team to be honest you can’t do that QPR did it and look what happened to them. Then you have some of QPR’s players who are good enough to play in premiership example Joey Barton without his temper you Zamora there as well but nope Holloway signed untried and untested players and its cost him to be honest.


Holloway isn’t good enough for the premiership. Yes he is funny when he is on his rants or some of the quotes he says and is probably one of the most honest guys in football but lets face it with free flowing attacking football and defenders who are below average in premiership they can’t play that style of football. Holloway will find another job in championship he will be first to get the job 2 promotions to premiership teams will snap him up.

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