Professionally Amatuer

Yes yes, I know I talk too much but you will suffer more, i have another something to talk about.

Today is another question, amateur football is something that has been long in existence, such a thing gives you very little in return. You don’t get paid to play, which is the usual aim but  as the great brian clough once said “football is a beautiful game, it deserves to be played beautifully”

Now don’t get me wrong here what is often the case in amateur football that players have it in their head that they will do this on a Saturday morning game of football, or indeed on a hungover Sunday game, more often than not the football played is entirely different from what was imagined. Such a level of sport has produced so many success stories, many clubs have developed and established a specific playing philosophy, strict no drinking and early bed policies are in place for the night before matchday, they boast  detailed and structured committees all responsible to do specific jobs, organised in such a professional manner people claim some of them are ran better than junior clubs.

There are other some seriously good examples of dedication and hard work. Utilising the popular social network twitter, Tantallon Victoria used it as a promotional platform @tallyvic, earning themselves nearly 1800 followers they eventually managed secure attention from Full Metal Jacket star Mathew Modine, subsequently naming their home ground the Matthew Modine arena, for a brief period of time anyway. Based in the southside of Glasgow they progressing to the level where the club strips are now manufactured by their sponsors PSL team sports, along with hoodie’s, polo’s and even coffee mugs for any residential caffeine junkie’s, which secretly I’m hoping to secure through this highly entertaining plug!

In my opinion it lacks the professional support it deserves, the SFA itself is no infamous for its kack handed way of dealing with, well anything really. Whatever the level involved.

Take the amateur football forum, based @Scottish_AFF its creation started out as a simple hobby, something that was given attention by the “peacekeeper” in his spare time, with some effort, hard work  and a endless supply of energy drinks it has grown and developed into the central hub of communication for “ammy” football, where recruitment happens, results are registered and complaints are logged. Such hard work has earned himself a place on the committee of the west of Scotland league.

So the question is, why?

Football is something we love, many people may second my claim here, love does makes you do crazy things.