Something to write about

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As you may have noticed I do like to write, mainly using that voice in my head without the filter to express my thoughts on coaching ideas. I would be keen to branch out into writing in other places but it appears to be something difficult to do without a degree or something else on your CV, in this case its purely a hobby of mine. Please get in touch through my personal twitter and we can work together.



The former playlist

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A little while ago I made an effort to put together a few videos consisting of some drills and ideas that could potentially be useful, cant say it worked out how I would have liked but it would have been a waste to simply delete them so I edited them all together into one big video. Hope its helpful.

I have also added it as a mainstay on the front page, easy access and all that.

Podcast Action

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Something I had wanted to do for a while now, I had put it off for long enough for various different reasons mainly I wasn’t comfortable with my own voice being online.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to set something out and the following recording is the result. If you would like to share your passion in coaching please get in touch and I can sort out a potential recording.

An image tells some stories

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Hello Folks.

A nice addition to the blog is some imagery, my dear and lovely friend Kelly, who is a freelance photographer, has kindly agreed to offer up some of her magnificent work for you to enjoy. At the moment she will supply us with stadium visits, perhaps expanding on this at some point.

Please head over to her twitter to get a further visual on her well documented work. Or have a look below.

We also did a Q&A with her a while back.


World Football Academy

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Another site link on the cards today, at the moment I appear to be suffering from a case of insomnia so as a result I will be spending some time writing some lovely words promoting the work of the great Raymond Verheijen and the concept of periodisation. The site that he leads offers lessons on various different aspects of fitness wether it be logical or practical usually in 60 minute nuggets, I highly recommend you research some of his stuff. Select the link below.



Reviews all round

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A small note today, looking for 20 reviewers of our wonderful blog – these 20 folk will receive a shiny free copy of the recently generated PDF written full of stuff related to coaching. Follow this link to get the free thing.

The Football Romantics

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Recently discovered a web site that is just wonderful, designed for the football romantic it consists of so many different items that are out of the ordinary, basedin scotlands capital I recommend a visit if you enjoy the non mainstream footballing text pay a visit to

The Master of Football

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Quick share this afternoon, the guy in video claims its for use during the summer to keep you sharp. Ignore that.

Feedback on the Beta

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Recently we gave out a whole 10 versions of a partially written PDF based on the wonderful subject of coaching – looking for your thoughts on what could be done to make it even more wonderful. Click on the following for some input.

Waving to Football

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Another routine that worked out quite nicely for me, highly flexible also.

Staring off set yourself a shuttle running layout – please comment if you are unaware of what this is. Second layout is a pool of footballs

Split your group into 2 teams one with bibs, start with having one team attack vs defence. In order to keep the intensity of the routine up ensure the pool of footballs is accessed immediately once the active ball leaves the pitch. When you run out of footballs get the 2 teams to go and start the shuttle running, afterwards switch the attacking team to defending and vice versa – once completed do another set of shuttle runs.

The ideal outcome to this is to develop an intensity to the playing, along with improving a level of fitness.