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Shape Training

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Really simple idea, set your group out in the desired shape.

We will take the old school 442 as an example, ball begins at right back and pass is made to DC then across to the other DC and so on. When passing the player must take the position of where he is passing to, so right back passes to centre half, he take centre half so on each occasion you follow your pass.

The idea is to encourage an understanding of the structure and shape of the team, and idea of where everyone will be. Really simple but surprisingly effective.

The Perfect Pass

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Divide your training group into 4 teams and have them stationed and lined up at each of the markers facing the yellow marker.



To start with player A makes a pass to B, player B needs to meet the ball at the yellow marker and holds, then A passes to the Q waiting at the red marker then joins the end of that Q and B moved to the end of the Q at the blue. Then the process starts again from the red Q.

When the two groups get a hang of it get the remaining two teams to play horizontally from orange to pink. Ensure the both are played simultaneously to get the best outcome.

Keep in mind the yellow marker is purely for the image.

Coaching Points.

Open body shape, first touch, footwork, awareness.

Sequential Passing

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Group of players, on this occasion we will say 12. 6 wear yellow bib, 6 wear blue bib. 1 ball.

Pass to blue bib, then yellow bib, then blue bib, then yellow bib and so on.

Encourages looking for the pass.


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Picked up from the world of Futsal.

Ball goes out of play the team in possession has to bring the ball back into play within 4 second or they have to hand over possession.

Encourages quick thinking and impact oppositions ability to regroup and organise.

A Poll

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At your feet…

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Really simple idea, sometimes you will see kids or adults time wasting pre-session, common occurrence and to be fair understandable.

Decent attention spans are no where to be seen, so a recommendation would be simply to implement a rule, do what you want pre-session whether it be chat or whatever, as long as you have a football at your feet.

Using the square

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Purely my own invention, using short sharp burst concept along with a game related scenario. Create a a big square, maybe 10 steps short of touchline to touchline. Divide players up into groups of 3, one of the three going to one corner and the other two in the group of three going to the opposite corner. One player from the group of two sets off flat out until arriving at the player standing whilst following the square shape, stops then the players standing follows suit and gets back to the starting point.

Then the exercise starts again. Repeat and continue and you will have a nice flow of sprinting. Its of course your decision as to how long you wish to spend on this exercise, again remember the philosophy of short and sharp though. The shorter and more intense it is, the better result you will get.

Warming up…

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Warm up routine, can be used throughout age groups.

10 players and 2 footballs.


Number your player 1-10, use 1 ball to start with, ensure the players pass in sequential order.

Coaching Points

Vision to see what player you are looking to pass to. Movement and communication. Will help the players switch on, passing and moving.


Odd Numbers, 10 – 1, even numbers, add a second ball.

All shapes and sizes…

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“Why are there always shapes involved in the routines we do, triangles and squares and so on?

Football is often played in squares and triangles, the routines are set out to look the same.



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Corner taking is an important aspect of football, ideas on how to mix it up a little is always ideal. Have a player work with your regular corner taker to come short with a decoy run. This drags a opposition player out of the game, provides a potential advantage.