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Resource Drive

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Now I appreciate its not exactly a minority but I thought that I would add a source of material similar to alot of pages utilising google drive. If you have some excess information you want to add to the fold please get in touch and I can add.


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Just a small post, adding some resources as part of the blog and one of the biggest concerns in football across the board is the lack of structure and procedure in relation to concussion. A physio that was at my previous club considered this source to be one of the most useful in terms of education for the sidelines. Please see the resources section of the blog to see what else is added to the blog.

The Interview

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Things have been a bit quiet around here so I am excited to report I have went out and recruited some coaches to write about what they love doing, a fundamental part of coaching is having a passionate interest in what they do so my hope is everyone that kindly takes their time to read some of the text will benefit in some way. Watch this space!

P.S if you are interested in writing something please get in touch and I can organise a chat!

FBA Voting

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Good afternoon,

I have decided to put the blog forward for some voting, I went to the event awards a couple of years ago, the place called Hotel Football no less which was an amazing experience.

Through the feedback I have received there is an indication that some of the stuff I write here has made a difference. Please tweet the following text 🙂

I am voting in @theFBAs for @gillenreid in the category #FBAinfluencer #FBAs

Lets see what happens eh?

A blogging thought

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I found myself recently talking in twitter and actually potentially making sense, so the following text is simply thoughts. If you want to take anything on board that’s good, if you don’t well that’s okay aswell.

Personally I focus on getting my group to give a good account of themselves, from a coaching perspective a positive result is just a nice bye product. Unless you are in a position of employment it can be considered a thankless task, this may be the case but the key is to maintain perspective and not let anything go to your head. I always loved the fact that over time you watch your players grow and develop, maybe they will be promoted or perhaps progress to the next stage in football. Taking pride in the fact that you were a big factor in their development, pointing them in the right direction.

I remember listening to a podcast once where there was a conversation with a Valencia coach, the subject was long term development. Any concept the time scale to set to 60 sessions. Yeah, I always focused on the fact we are simply there to point them in the right direction. It helps you to remain grounded aswell.


Podcast Invitation

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Good evening

As you may be aware I am working on the idea of a podcast, this was born out of other coaches doing something similar of course. What I wanted to do differently was to issue an open invitation, the idea is that every coach has their own philosophy and approach. Each one of those should be respected (within reason) and I wanted to provide a platform for those ideas to be shared. So if you are interested in having that conversation and happy to be on soundcloud let me know on @gillenreid

Curneen on America

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Here at YFS we speak to a variety of people, all walks of life and who perform all sorts of roles for the sake of the beautiful game, we were lucky enough to have someone different along to have a conversation. Gary Curneen is the current head women’s soccer coach at Cal State University, Bakersfield, and the founder of Modern Soccer Coach Education. His role is full-time in nature at a college in the US who compete at the Division I level. When asked about the role itself “like most people in the game I am passionate about developing players, teams, to succeed on and off the field”

I was keen to understand a little bit more about how the girls game operates in America and how it compares to the rapidly growing equivalent in Scotland

“I’m not familiar with Scottish landscape so can’t compare. Girls game is huge in the States and the players are fortunate enough to have huge amount of opportunities with both games and training. The college game is the destination for most top players and it becomes a full-time environment with training every day and access to top facilities and full-time coaches”

He originally played in the US, once his playing career was completed he continued life at a coaching capacity for an additional two years “I originally was going to go into the business world and corporate America but got cold feet. My college coach gave me an opportunity to stay on and help him out, along with getting my masters in business and administration and I took it”

After settling into the role he mentioned that “I realized I had a completely wrong perception of what coaching entailed. I got introduced to tactics, systems, training models, science, psychology and was hooked” he is now owner of a UEFA A licence thanks to the services of the FA in Ireland.

Gary has added to this by writing a book Modern Soccer Coach 2014 adding his own take on “What sets the greatest coaches apart in today’s game and how to create a culture of excellence within a program”

So overall the girls game appears to be rich in opportunities, in Scotland the girls game is catching up with more and more clubs linking up with their mens equivalent, more and more work is being done creating the pathway from the younger age groups all the way through to the senior team “I think cultures in the US and UK could learn a lot from each other. Players in the US excel in the physical side of the game and I think with more resources and funding in the women’s game in the UK, it will allow Scotland to continue to excel”

Adding to that he also mentioned that he had recently came along to have a look at the women’s game in Scotland “I was there in February and visited Hibs and Celtic ladies teams. Really enjoyed it and was very impressed by the level and the coaching. Hopefully I can come back more often”

Big thanks to Gary for taking time to answer some questions that I had, hopefully it will prove to be an intriguing read.

Morton’s Youth Development

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We are seeing more and more prospects emerge from the fully reconstructed academies of Scotland, former full timer Derek Anderson leads the way as Head of Youth Academy, tasked with identifying suitable individuals to be added to the ever expanding ranks. In terms of qualified persons Anderson secured himself a UEFA “A” Licence and has playing experience with Hibs and Kilmarnock.

As part of the academies redevelopment Director Warren Hawke, who has a degree in business management, will handle all things finance related to allow all energy to be spent on the important subject of football.

The 26 staff members are there now to support this development, so the key in terms of pointing these players in the right direction is dedication. Work behind the scenes has resulted in the full development of a player pathway, which meets the SFA demanded criteria.

The fruits of their labour consist of Ben Armour, who the next best thing to come out of Cappielow, following his signing for the club September 2016 from Queens Park he made his first appearance for the current development team the subsequent April time against Dumfermline, the 19 year old striker recently signed a 6 months extension to his existing deal with Greenock Morton to turn professional and keep him an active member until January 2018. Armour he known for his instinctive finishing and being in the right place at the right time, such attributes present a nightmare for the most talented of defenders.

Another prospect Jamie Mcgowan signed on full time along with striker Armour, the 20 year old paisley born shot stopper impressed during his handful of appearances for the first team earning himself a full time spot. McGowan was rewarded with an additional year on top of his existing deal, breaking into the first team 2016 against Spartans after the first team goalkeeper suffering a nasty case of concussion.

First team manager was questioned on the keeping the players onboard

“In pre-season they’ll come with me and be with my group, as will Jai Quitongo, and then it’s really up to them after that in terms of how far they push themselves and how much they want it.”

So the clubs recent reshaping have offered up some talented individuals, so the prospects of a new  generation of players coming through the newly established pathway created is an exciting one.

Something to write about

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As you may have noticed I do like to write, mainly using that voice in my head without the filter to express my thoughts on coaching ideas. I would be keen to branch out into writing in other places but it appears to be something difficult to do without a degree or something else on your CV, in this case its purely a hobby of mine. Please get in touch through my personal twitter and we can work together.



Podcast Action

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Something I had wanted to do for a while now, I had put it off for long enough for various different reasons mainly I wasn’t comfortable with my own voice being online.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to set something out and the following recording is the result. If you would like to share your passion in coaching please get in touch and I can sort out a potential recording.