Breathing Space

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Small note,

Delighted to announce that the blog has linked up with the recently advertised Breathing Space which is a charity actively supporting those that perhaps are not feeling so great in their own mind. Breathing space offers an opportunity to speak to someone, have a conversation about how you are feeling at that time and maybe finding a way to deal with that at the time, or to simply get something off your chest.

A small image has been added showing a contact number 🙂

Remember readers, you are never alone.

The Gaming Industry

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A small post this evening,

Twitter can be a powerful tool, it has fueled the development of the wonderful blog that I write to you from today – I recommend getting yourself online before things go south and it becomes the next Bebo…

Anyway, on to things a little more serious. I discovered a recent and quite beautifully designed blog by @EllexMay who expressed herself through said blog and links it up through the aforementioned twitter handle . A big percentage of this is based on gaming and what she invests her time in enjoying. Which in itself is an important subject of course.

The most important part is that she expresses herself in terms of health with some advice on how to manage and deal with this. The challenge of sharing this information with the net can be difficult and its something to be admired. So we wanted to ensure support was there if needed.

Please head over to and have a look over some of the blogs that have taken place.

This fine work will of course be added to the ever expanding links section.

Enjoy 🙂

Q&A With Michael

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Good afternoon,

Another exciting QA today, without further ado –

For our lovely audience would you be kind enough to introduce yourself?

Sure, I’m Michael McDougall, first team coach at Morton women

A coach you say? Tell us more?

Yeah so after spending a few years at Glasgow City I moved onto Morton link back up with Wills (Laura Williamson). We play in SWFL Division 2 West.

So whats going on at the club at the moment?

Morton is a club that’s really going places, the structure is now complete with a pathway from small kids right up to a senior team. This is the first year we’ve had a senior team at the club on the women’s and girls side and we’re sitting top of the league halfway through the season which is fantastic and is testament to the level of work our players put in for us.

Do you have any success stories from the club?

The vast majority of the squad is made up of players who have come all the way through the age groups at Morton which I think is a massive success (not starting to name them because I’ll forget someone haha), we’ve added in a few older/more experienced players which has helped everyone kick on and develop other parts of their game so I think that while we obviously want to continue as we have been and win the league, the year has already been a success in my opinion because of what those players have achieved in terms of personal and team growth.

How about yourself? What was it that inspired you to become a coach?

I was fortunate enough to have played with some very talented players and be coached by some great coaches. Unfortunately a lot of serious knee injuries held me back and so when I finally accepted it was time to stop kidding myself on I just wanted to coach, it kept me involved in football then it turned out I was half decent at it and I developed a real passion for helping to develop young footballers.

Do you have any plans for the future?

My plans are to continue my own learning, there is always things a coach can learn regardless of how many courses and qualifications they do it’s the training pitch that matters, nobody is perfect and nobody has all this answers because football is always changing. From a team point of view I am really happy where I am, I wasn’t enjoying my football for a while but I have a fantastic partnership with Wills and the opportunity to work with her again was too good to turn down, and thanks to the players willingness to learn and work rate I’ve found my passion for coaching again.

What would your piece of advice for any young player coming through the ranks?

Where do I start! The 1.5-2 hours a couple of nights isn’t where you training begins and ends, you have to continually work on all aspects of your game in your own time as well, always looking to improve. You have to make sacrifices, if you want to be the best player you can possibly be you need to be willing to give up some things for the end result.

What are your thoughts on the national teams performance in the Euros in terms of how the youth culture has benefited the team?

I’ve admittedly been quite vocal about the performances, but I think in general terms the country being there will have a massive effect on what our youths will want to be. They’ll see Caroline Weir, Fiona Brown, Erin Cuthbert, Chloe Arthur and players of that ilk and hopefully be more determined to work and to become the next line of young players that are coming into these teams. The result/outcomes were not what anyone wants to see but that’s something that can be changed over time, but who does not want to represent their country on the international stage, playing the sport we love?

Big thanks to Michael for taking some time to chat to me today, hopefully some of his wisdom will prove to be beneficial.



The case of mental health

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Hey Guys

A small note today, a massive thank you to everyone who have taken the time to donate something towards my cause, an important one at that.

Tomorrow I will be biking nearly 50 miles for that cause, thanks to you people out there will benefit from support and help that sometimes you don’t realise you could do with.

Have a read.

One Versus One

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Back to actually writing about football!

Layout – Split your group roughly half and half. One group at the right post, the other group at the left (white cones) have your yellow cones roughly 70 steps directly in front of each group, have a football where the red cone is.

Action – Have a player from each group start simultaneously, sprint out to yellow cone then attempt to gain possession of the ball, objective is to score.

Result – Speed, agility and possession.

Progressions – Have ladders between post and yellow cone.

Change to 2v2.

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A true statement, below is a video from my friend indicating the issues that are part of a call center, now have a listen. Note – not for the easily offended.

Don’t really have much to add to this, apart from the fact that I have experienced and observes all of these facts and figures that my dear friend expresses in his own special way.

Now if more than one individual is able to identify and related to these issues, then there must be some sort of problem here?

A fundraiser

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Hey Guys,

Going to be promoting this furiously over the next month or two so be prepared to put up with it, text below tells the story.

“Since I was a little boy I had been diagnosed with epilepsy which laid down alot barriers in terms of what I could do as a kid and as I grew up. It was commented often that I never really got any help from a mental health point of view. Which I didn’t really care about at the time. A number of years ago I was under a great deal of pressure and stress from all aspects of life including an incredibly difficult break up, so I acted impulsively made the decision to attempt to take my own life as an escape from the experience, as it became an unbearable state of mind.

Something that I am not proud and at the time I felt incredibly embarrassed by it, the only outcome was that I had injured myself long term. Which is an important point. Why was I embarrassed? The idea of it is described as a cowardly action, we should work towards changing that idea”

I would be ever so grateful if you could visit my fundraising page and support my cause. Thank you so much for reading.

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I insist you have a watch of this also, got myself a full qualification as a track rider after this inspirational video.

A football orchestra

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A fantastic idea to improve first touch.


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Sadly a big part of being a footballer is a balance of weight, having too much of it can effect all sorts of things in terms of your performances, most importantly your mobility. There was a little snippet of information from when Pep stepped in to take over Manchester City, saying that he actively banned players from attending training until they were the ideal weight which in this case encourages players to take the responsibility, which is an excellent idea.
Thankfully the NHS provide this handy tool which gives you an idea of what your ideal weight should be at the age and height you are at the time.

content provided by NHS Choices